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Nov 17, 2010

Guiding Principles Hit the Global Scene

The Values and Guiding Principles hit the international stage at the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management's (IFPSM) Council meeting in Hong Kong last week.  Daan Wareman, of NEVI Dutch Association for Purchasing Management, mentioned the project in his presentation titled "Public Procurement or Procurement by Government".  The International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) is the union of 43 National and Regional Purchasing Associations worldwide, and in total represents about 200,000 Purchasing Professionals from around the globe.

In addition to mentions in Hong Kong, the Values and Guiding Principles were presented to delegats from China, representing the Chinese Federation on Logisticis and Purchasing (CFLP) on Monday, November 15, 2010.  The China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing is the only legal large scale comprehensive logistics social organization.  It was established with approval of the State Council and directly administered by the State Economic and Trade Commission(SETC) of the People's Republic of China. The Federation carries out functions and tasks of materials management and purchasing industry services in China.

CFLP is also a member of the Asian-Pacific Logistics Federation (APLF).  Established in 1995, APLF includes participation from Australia, China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

The presentation of the Values and Guiding Principles, as well as a brief overview of the NIGP Code, the American procurement system, and spend managment were presented by staff from NIGP and U.K. based NIGP Observatory partner Spikes Cavell.  Representatives from China included:

  • Hu Dajian - Director, China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing
  • Rao Jianguo - Director, HuBei Province Government Procurement Center
  • Wang Pei - Director, Shandong Province Government Procurement Center
  • Shi Shengde - Director, QingHai Province Government Procurement Center
  • Cheng Yuanzhong - Vice Chairman, China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing
  • Tao Shusheng - CEO, GuoCai Technology Limited Co.
  • Wang Tao - Vice Director, Shandong Province Government Procrement Center
  • Zhai Jun - Manager, Shandong Province Government Procurement Center
  • Bian Yuekun - Director Assistant/ CFLP, The Specialized Committee for Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

Meetings lasted nearly four hours and concluded with much excitement and many new understandings.  This is truly an exciting time for the Public Procurement Profession and the Values and Guiding Principles Project. 

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