Procurement affects and is affected by the public sector organization as a whole, and the community it serves, whether at the local, state, or national level. Therefore, participation in the collaborative development and adoption of Public Procurement Values and Guiding Principles by all stakeholders is desired. As a way to show support for this collaborative initiative, professional organizations may join as a Supporting Organization. There is no time or financial commitment to becoming a Supporting organization. It simply means that the organization supports NIGP’s collaborative efforts to develop public procurement values, principles, and standards of practice. If the organization can share the word about the project with its members, that would be very valuable.

For more information, or to be added as a Supporting Organization, please contact Tina M. Borger, CPPO, Research Director for NIGP at

Jan 12, 2011

What is the Difference? Support or Endorse/Adopt

We've had a lot of questions about how to become a Supporting Organization or an Endorsing/Adopting Organization...and many are also asking...What is the difference?


Hopefully this post, and the permanent link on the right hand side of the main page will give you the guidance you have been looking for.


So, without further delay:


Supporting OrganizationA public sector organization that supports the concept of the collaborative development of guidance for the public procurement profession.  The organization agrees to help spread the word and is encouraged to add representation to the Review Team.  There is no financial commitment.


Endorsing/ Adopting Organization - An organization that openly expresses formal approval of the final Values & Guiding Principles and Standards of Practice.  The organization takes official action to indicate its approval, agrees to spread the word, and can have the opportunity to add representation to the Review Team.  There is no financial commitment.


Organizations who are not ready to formally endorse/ adopt the Values & Guiding Principles and/or the Standards of Practice may choose to become a Supporting Organization.  This action is relatively informal, and may be done by the CEO or President of the organization simply by sending an e-mail, indicating the organization’s support to Candace Riddle, Standards Manager (


We encourage all organizations, and existing Supporting Organizations to consider formally endorsing/ adopting the Values & Guiding Principles and/or the Standards of Practice.  This is a formal approval of the finalized documents and their contents.  This action requires an e-mail from an individual with the authority to pledge such support on behalf of your organization.  Such e-mails may also be sent to Candace Riddle, Standards Manager (


We appreciate your interest in the project and continued support as we collaborate to improve the public procurement profession.

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