Procurement affects and is affected by the public sector organization as a whole, and the community it serves, whether at the local, state, or national level. Therefore, participation in the collaborative development and adoption of Public Procurement Values and Guiding Principles by all stakeholders is desired. As a way to show support for this collaborative initiative, professional organizations may join as a Supporting Organization. There is no time or financial commitment to becoming a Supporting organization. It simply means that the organization supports NIGP’s collaborative efforts to develop public procurement values, principles, and standards of practice. If the organization can share the word about the project with its members, that would be very valuable.

For more information, or to be added as a Supporting Organization, please contact Tina M. Borger, CPPO, Research Director for NIGP at

Sep 6, 2011

Public Comment Period Open for the World to See!


Where_the_Hell_is_Matt-_(2008)_-_YouTube.wmv Watch on Posterous

If you were at Forum 2011 you may have heard a few lessons on “How Not to be the Lone Nut”!  You may have been inspired to join the Principles and Practices movement!  And this video may remind you of the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT at Forum 2011!  That’s right; it is no longer about the lone nut dancing by himself on the side of the hill.  Indeed the movement has begun.  The Principles & Practices project is officially going global following the announcement of a partnership with the Chartered Institute for Purchasing and Supply (CIPS). 


“The partnership will result in specific tools, processes and guidance for use in public procurement organisations and may include organisation assessments and people development training programmes. The Maturity Framework will be designed as an enabler to raise standards in not just people development, but also in benchmarking organisational development, process development and policy setting. The results will change the way in which organisations and people work, emphasizing a continuous improvement methodology that results in tangible and measurable benefits” (


So what does this mean for the Principles and Practices project?  It means that YOU should be EXCITED, because we’re GOING GLOBAL!!  Not only will the practices be reviewed by the North American review team, but we anticipate adding individual experts from around the world that will offer a global perspective and review of the practices.  This is truly exciting for the profession, as we work towards a tried and true set of best practices for public procurement around the world.






The second public comment period for Cooperative Purchasing is now open.  We received well over 100 comments during the first round of public feedback.  Major revisions have been made, based off of your suggestions, so we thought it would be best to release this Practice for your comments one more time.  You can access the Cooperative Purchasing Practice here.  This practice will remain open for public comment until September 19, 2011.

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